Midlife Spirituality

MidlifeAs our population begins to age, many of us find ourselves with questions about what the second half of our lives will hold. Our bodies are aging and we are facing losses of many different types. How can we face these changes with grace and excitement rather than fear?

This workshop explores the tasks that face us in the second half of life as we integrate what we have learned from our experiences and move into the final stages of the journey. We will explore three dimensions of midlife spirituality:

Integrity: the call to wholeness and honesty with others and ourselves. In midlife we are called to take the inward journey, to dig deep, to claim our own unique identity and ground our search for God within our search for self.

Wisdom: accumulated knowledge of life. Though we all grow older, growth in wisdom doesn’t come automatically. It is brought about by both the positive and negative experiences of our lives, though we are responsible for mining them for the “gold.

Transcendence: existence above or apart from the material world. We will look at how mystery and a connection with something bigger than ourselves calls to us in midlife. We become more comfortable in living into the questions as our spirituality matures.

This one day workshop promises opportunity for sharing of wisdom, experiences and meditations that can help to guide you towards further growth on the journey of life, no matter what stage of life you find yourself right now.