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Lenten Journey

Today begins the tradition called Lent.  Lent began as 40 days of fasting and repentance to prepare for the Easter celebration.  It has fallen by the wayside for many denominations even while the tradition of Mardi Gras continues.  Mardi Gras, or fat Tuesday, was a time to use up all the eggs and milk before Lent as these were not consumed during this time.  What would it look like if we moderns chose to enter into a time of intentional fasting?  Fasting from overeating, over-consuming, busyness, noise or other things that distract us from our spiritual life.  What would it be like if instead we took up a new habit that led us closer to health–physically, spiritually or emotionally?

I challenge each of us, myself included, to take up the practice of Lent.  In these 40 day until April 24 I will try to journal each day on things in my life that bring me gratitude.  I do this because by nature I tend to look at what is not right, what needs to be corrected and in the process miss the blessings in my life.  Today, I am grateful for the mild weather that blew a fresh smell my way as I walked my dog (even though it was overcast and rained a bit on the walk). I am grateful for my husband who is taking on the burden of completing our taxes.  I am grateful that my middle son has at least one acceptance to a Medical school so that he can pursue his heart’s desire. What are you grateful for this day?