Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction is a historically rooted ministry of the Christian tradition in which a trained spiritual director serves as a spiritual companion to others on their faith journey. The ministry of spiritual direction is primarily one of listening and discernment.

IMG_5111 (2)Spiritual direction specifically focuses on a person’s relationship with God. Unlike counseling, spiritual direction is not oriented toward a therapeutic management of life’s problems and crises even though God is very much present in all of life’s circumstances. The purpose of spiritual direction is to become more attentive to God. It is meant to help a person learn how to heighten the awareness of God’s presence and action in his or her life and to make decisions based on that awareness.

Living Tree offers both individual and group spiritual direction sessions.

Group Spiritual Direction

Rev. Dr. McGuiness is certified as a spiritual director, with training in spiritual formation. She is an ordained minister in the United Methodist Church.

Contact us to arrange for your first session, which is FREE. Further sessions are based on a mutually arranged fee scale.spiritual direction hands only