Soul Sisters

This weekend retreat is designed to take a journey with soul sisters from the Bible who surrounded Jesus, soul sisters from Christian history, and soul sisters from your own past and present that share the joys and struggles of life.

Edwina Gately, in her book titled Soul Sisters, reflects upon the artistic painting of Louis Glanzman of twelve women who walked with Jesus. “It was as if I suddenly recognized beloved sisters whom I had never seen before but knew in my heart. The paintings had a life of their own unique, powerful and as real as living woman. After a lifetime of knowing all about the women of the Gospels, I felt that at last I had actually met them…They were archetypes who reflected the journeys, struggles, joys and dreams of women today.”

During this retreat, in addition to learning from women from the Bible and history, we will learn from each other. We will have opportunity to name and honor those women in our lives who have been soul sisters. We will tell our stories and perhaps develop some new soul sister relationships.