Sacramental Living

Find what you have may have forgotten but have never lost…the sacredness of each moment of life. As we explore sacramental living we open ourselves to the wonder of God’s presence in the ordinary, play, solitude, art and worship. Dwight Vogel describes sacramental living as “sacred (moments that) happen whenever we become aware of the presence of God in a simple shared act.” What are the ‘holy ground’ moments in our everyday lives that beckon us to pay attention to the Divine’s presence? Retreat option of 48 hour or one-day format.

Communal dynamic worship is foundational to every retreat offered by Living Tree Counseling. Worship is central to all of our gatherings throughout the retreat. During the 48-hour retreats, we begin each day with Morning Prayer and end with Evening Prayer. During the retreat, we are formed as community. We become aware of God’s presence in worship but also in nature, friends, silence, laughing, playing, and singing.