Midlife Spirituality

prayer day

As our population begins to age, many of us find ourselves with questions about what the second half of our lives will hold. Our bodies are aging and we are facing losses of many different types. How can we face these changes with grace and excitement rather than fear?

“So what is the second half of life? It is when we are finally grown up (which is not the same as ceasing to grow). We have experienced the autonomy yearned for by teenagers…But with that freedom, we also experience responsibility and, ultimately, our own limitation. We realize too, perhaps gradually and reluctantly, that our hard-won autonomy is fleeting if not illusory”

Margaret Guenther, Toward Holy Ground

“Spirituality means not just one compartment of life, but the deepest dimension of all of life. The spiritual is the ultimate ground of all our questions, hopes, fears, and loves. It includes our efforts to deal creatively with retirement and to find a purpose for our lives after our family has been raised. It concerns our struggles with the loss of a spouse or the move from a home of many years; question of self-worth and fear of reaching out to make new friendship; the discovery of new talents, deeper peace, wider boundaries of love”

Kathleen Fischer, Winter Grace: Spirituality and Aging

This retreat explores the tasks that face us in the second half of life as we integrate what we have learned from our experiences and move into the final stages of the journey.