Contemplative Photography / Visio Divina

Rev. David Tinney and I have published a book that focuses on the spiritual discipline of Visio Divina (Latin for divine seeing).  Praying with images has been used as a practice in the Orthodox tradition for centuries, through the use of icons.  It is becoming more familiar in Western tradition, though this mode of prayer or contemplation may still seem foreign to many.  Visio divina invites us to linger, to look beyond the obvious and to contemplate the deeper meaning of an image.  This is the practice of “beholding.” When we behold a person or object, we gaze at it with eyes of compassion.  This entails releasing our inner judgments and preconceived notions and opening ourselves to the grace and movement of God in the image.  

Our book is full of photographs that invite the reader to spend time beholding and listening to God’s word of grace for them at this moment.  To this end, we have included spiritual reflection questions, that can be used individually and as a group. It also includes tips on how to use their own camera to gain deeper insight into their relationship with God. By engaging in these practices, we hope the reader will find themself delving more deeply into the beauty of creation, with a heightened sense of the diving shimmering through each image.

The book is available through or through Amazon in both ebook and hardcover format. 

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